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DC Collectibles Presents Wonder Woman: The Art of War

I want that cliff chiang one really badly


Lost Keys


Seiko Matsuda gets a Kiss from Kenny Loggins

Tsuritama (2012)


I’m rewatching it and I can’t believe how under-appreciated it is (along with a whole bunch of other 2012 anime, namely one about jazz and Japan in the 1960s).

  • Main character Yuki has social anxiety that is represented quite accurately as the sensation of drowning (and also causes him to make a super weird/scary face), despite having moved from place to place (which is good at breaking the stereotype that “oh you’ve moved around a lot, you should be good at making friends” no that’s not how it works)
  • Yuki has a super hip grandma who’s almost as tall as he is, wears earrings, has sunglasses, and drives a shiny red car
  • He makes friends with the help of Haru, a fish-alien boy who needs water sprayed on him to survive and loves making random cute noises; also there’s fishing
  • His friends help him grow and overcome his anxiety without belittling him about it (although if I remember correctly there is teasing about the weird face they make, but not to the point where they try to make him feel bad about it; it’s more like “Ah, Yuki, you’re making a strange face!” “I know I am!!!”)
  • He also helps his friends grow as people (and as, uh, fish-aliens?)
  • The bad guy is not actually a “bad guy” but someone who’s just confused and wants to get along with others but doesn’t know how, they let him know how what he did was bad but also teach him how to interact with others and they become friends
  • There’s a 20+ year old man who carries around a duck that he named Tapioca
  • The duck is called Tapioca
  • There is. A duck. Called. Tapioca.
  • Animation is nice and cute, atmosphere is bright and happy, music is good, and it’ll grab you by the heart and make you cry at least once by the end.
  • There is a heck-a-lotta friendship in this anime, I’m serious, be prepared to be hit by happy feelings of friendship no matter which direction you look you can’t escape it.
  • The opening song is amazing and the little dance they do is super cute


an au in which everything is the same except characters switch hairstyles. Some things should probably never exist…..





Have you seen the TNG Cardassians? Pretty hilarious- it’s like they hadn’t quite figured them out yet.

I don’t think I have—I imagine it’ll be much like the Klingons back in the Original Series

jeez… i had to look it up


this is hysterical